Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gracie Girl

Sometimes a Mama just has to brag! This is one of those moments. My Gracie has been making the adjustment from traditional religious hell school to year round public school over the past 4 months. She has good days and bad days just like everybody else. She recently took her very first ride in a school bus on a field trip to see the Reno Philharmonic. That was a good day! She is also in the third grade which means she gets letter grades for the first time now. So lots of transition and change for Grace this year.

This past Friday, Gracie came home with her first report card from her new school. She is always anxious for me to open her report cards but this time she was extra excited. As a matter of fact, she didn't wait for me to open it. She opened it and handed it to me from the back seat of our Jeep. She also handed me a certificate with her name on it. I had to look at it for a moment before it sunk in. My baby girl just made honour role for the very first time!! She was so proud! She was just beaming! I am so happy for her.

So this is a shout out to Grace Meredith, the most amazing little girl I have ever known! Way to go girl! I couldn't be more proud of you! I know a little secret too...academic prowess is just one of your many gifts. I love you Gracie girl!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I had a friend that I really trust tell me that she felt that God was saying I have untapped strength a couple of years ago. I thought wow, that's really cool! Too bad it's total scheissbrot! I dismissed it immediately. It was too difficult for me to believe.

Months later I was praying with some friends that I also trust very much and one of them told me something similar. He said he could see me like a lion. He said a lion isn't afraid of anything or anyone. a lion just is.

I asked God to confirm this "lion" thing. He reminded me of the first thing he said to me months earlier about untapped strength. I've run a Marathon since then so maybe there could be something to this. But it is still difficult for me to get a hold of because I know all of my failures.

Just today yet another friend told me that I am much stronger than I realise. It hit me really hard this time.

Why is it so difficult for us to see the truth? To see ourselves as God sees us? I think we all want to, so why is it so fricken difficult?