Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cheers to New Friends!!

I met an interesting young woman yesterday. The most amazing part is that it happened right outside my own home. She was standing in my neighbor's driveway looking a little stressed. I introduced myself and she told me in this beautiful Australian accent that her name is Tasha. She had two beautiful children with her. Her oldest Luca 4 years old and her youngest Sophia 1 year old.

Tasha is a tiny little 5" 100 pounder with a larger than life personality. It turns out that she just moved in down the street about a week ago. She and her husband,Pharoah don't have their phone hooked up yet and he is a firefighter at a firehouse in Reno. She was stressing because she had a flat tire, was feeling nauseous and had no idea if she needed to pick her husband up in the morning or not. I let her use my phone to leave her husband a message at the firehouse and then we said goodbye.

About an hour later she was back on my doorstep to use my phone again. I told her that instead having her drive on that tire, not knowing if it is safe or not, I would be willing to just pick her and the kids up in the morning and take them to the firehouse to pick up Pharoah. When she called to leave another message for him, she found out that he was out on a fire. She looked worried. She told me she really never gets used to the danger element of her husbands job. We invited her and her children in and she ended up staying until about 10:30pm. She is a very interesting girl to say the least. You know me...I love to hear a good story.

We talked all about the ins and outs of how her father left Africa to live in the UK for a while and then he ended up in Australia where he met her Mother. She told me her parents were never married to each other and her Mother was determined to be a single Mum with a racially mixed daughter against the wishes of her grandparents.

She told me how she met her husband (he is American) when he was playing professional basketball in Australia. They have been married for six years and she is still very much in love. It was very cool to hear her tone of voice and see her facial expressions when she would talk about him.

I learned that she sings in a band with her husband. They just played a popular club her in Reno called Nikki Beach.

Long story made short is Pharoah got held over another day so I just ended up taking my new friend to get her tire fixed while we hung out at Starbucks this morning.

I find this kind of interesting because I told a friend earlier this week that I was feeling lonely. Summertime can be difficult for me because when my kids are home, I tend to have a lot less contact with other adults. Now, I have another stay at home Mom that shares my faith and is a lot of fun. Yay for me!!!


laura said...

I really admire how you can make friends wherever you go... definitely a gift that I lack, or haven't developed yet:) If you are lonely, call me, we can hang out.

digapigmy said...

nice. you need to get in good, our basketball team has been in desperate need of a ringer for years.

oh . . . and i guess it's cool if they're good people or whatever.

noel said...

i love hearing new stories as well. sometimes when i first meet people i just wanna say, so tell me your whole life story but then i think that i might scare em off or something.

RandomSue said...

OK Diga, that was a definite LOL!!

I'll see what I can do but I think the mere sight of this guy would scare the shit out of all the other teams!! Sounds fun!