Saturday, August 23, 2008

Americans Say the Darndest Things

I was hanging out with a couple of people from Australia yesterday at the kiddie water park. They had just met so they started talking about all the things they miss about Australia and how difficult it has been to adjust to living in America. Then they started giving me the list of stupid things Americans say to them...

1) They have black people in Australia?

2) Are you Aborigine?

3) Say something in Australian

4) You speak really good English

5) You have a beautiful french accent


TPluckyT said...

How about, "What kind of criminal is your daddy?"

I vote you do a follow up blog on "Fun Things to Say to Australians?" Or maybe we commenters can just contribute.

I'll start with . . . "Do you drink Fosters?"

Or "How long is a walk-about?"

"Have you ever got to meet Crocodile Dundee?"

Anyone else?

(Sue - FYI this is called "highjacking a blog" and yours has just been highjacked! :-) )

Jeni said...

How about these?
"A dingo stole my baby."

"Isn't it cold in Austria?" (Yes, I have known people who mixed up Austria and Australia...)

"Did you have a pet kangaroo?"

alan said...
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alan said...

That's a shame. Australia is one of the last countries that I thought we had a good relationship with. I would have told them "You're welcome" and referenced

...then spoke a little bit about their American style democracy and capitalist system that has made them an economic force.

...then spoke about our similarities regarding Great Britain.

...then spoke a little bit about the challenges we both face with incorporating the Native Americans and Aborigines.

Then I would have probably got annoyed at the anti-American sentiment and called them Kiwi's, since they are as annoyed with New Zealand as we are with Canada.

RandomSue said...

you are just much more clever than I am Alan. All valid points.

alan said...

I'd rather be sexy and rich.

geoff said...

As an Australian and having visited America in the past it is easy for me to say the American's and the country are great. The memory of a tour guide when adressing 50 people on a tour bus welcoming the 25 or so Australians and taking the time to give us a 'heads up' that our cultural predilection for "taking the mickey out of things" can be misconstrued. The affinity of Australia for the USA is still as strong as ever but the cultural difference will always be a part of that detente' which will create funny moments. My most lasting impression of the USA was the visualisation from the experience. Not of sights or events but the culture shock from a nation of 250 million people who spoke the same language, when I come from a nation of 20 million people and my cultural history is totally different. Good grief I am stopping myself before this turns into a blogg post from a comment.

RandomSue said...

Geoff, thanks so much for stopping by and thanks so much for your unique insight.

Jen in Budapest said...

Oh Lord, help us all....:D

RandomSue said...

Geoff- I appreciate the insight only a true Ausi that has been here could give. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

GumbyTheCat said...

Not all us Americans are that... umm... what's that word...

How do you say "stupid" in Australian?