Friday, August 1, 2008

some wonderings...

My friend, Eugene recently posted a blog about what it means to be a "real man." In the beginning of the post he asks some very amusing questions that he has asked as a man. I have been mulling around the idea of doing something similar for a couple of weeks because it amused me so much. I just decided to ask questions I have,not questions anyone else might have. I think I have one for every year of my life. No counting please!

What the hell is she looking at? How much am I fucking up my children? Why did God trust me with them anyway? Have I become uninteresting because I choose to stay home with my children? What the hell is he looking at? what if we are actually living in the Matrix? Will I ever meet Paul Hewson? (I would actually prefer a hug from him) Will I still be enthralled with King David when I actually meet him? Why do I have such awesome friends? Why does God give me so many wants when there are so many people with real needs? How long will I have to live without my Tim? Why doesn't God ever give up on me? What the hell was U2 thinking when they released "Pop?" Why do weeds grow faster than plants that are given lots of TLC? Why did I get totally screwed in the parent department? Why does Louie D "believe in me?" Why does Doc Sandy live 6,000 miles away? Should I even consider spending my husbands hard earned money on vanities like getting rid of all the sun damage on my face and chest or the spider veins on my legs? Why has it become so difficult for me to finish a book? Why can't my husband meed ALL my needs? Why can't I get a kitten? What did I do with all my time before the invention of the Internet?(a special shout out to Al Gore) Why are little girls so afraid of bugs? Is is really possible to be healed of all of my wounds? When will I go to Germany again? Why do people tell birthing horror stories to pregnant women? Will I ever visit Africa? What will my children be like when they grow up? How did my brother grow up to be such a fine man? Why haven't i learned to speak a different language yet? Why don't i mind being called "grandma" anymore? How old will I be when I die? Why do I relate so well with Chelsea Handler? Does Tim still think I'm joking when I tell him we are retiring on the Costa Brava, Spain? why is it so difficult for me to confront painting the inside of my home? Why does life have to be bittersweet?


plf5403 said...

I think a more succinct way to phrase your wonderings is this: "Why ask why? Try Bud dry..."

But seriously, many of your questions revolve around the "human condition" and that's just how we were programed by our Creator. To keep things interesting I believe. If anyone becomes "too" content, then they stop truly living and begin dying. As long as you're still asking the questions, you're still alive and kicking, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

So you're really OK with grandma, huh? GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA!!!

Eugene said...

Those are some very good questions! Think I may have a clue for you about the kitten one...

scoey-d said...

I'm glad you're asking... & hope you're hearing & being reminded of the fact of:

your worth & value - to God & to others.

RandomSue said...

Preston - Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. I always truly appreciate your words of wisdom

On the Grandma subject, I'll have you know that my darling little grandson calls me Nonny. So there!!

Eugene - I totally saw the cat comment's still really funny a sick kind of way.

Louie D - I know my wounds have to be healed by God but your kind words are always very soothing.
Thanks for choosing to see the good stuff.

I will keep listening.

digapigmy said...

-probably a lot
-no, i assure you that you were already uninteresting
-we wouldn't be able to tell the difference
-only if he's dancing naked or watching you bathe from his roof
-because awesome people have a lot of pity
-don't know, ask God
-not at all if he goes through with the whole murder-suicide thing we've been discussing
-God's cool like that
-pretty much the same thing they've been thinking since "achtung baby"
-do you mean tlc the girl band? i've heard plants grow better listening to mozart
-don't know, ask Lolita
-because he has you in the church office pool
-i guess, but be prepared for him to be extremely irritated by it for a long time to come
-because reading is for sissies
-because you are a woman
-read tim's post about kittens
-finish books
-bugs are gross and many are scary
-in three to five years
-it's a right of passage
-if you make nice with bono
-a lot like they are now only bigger and (hopefully) less narcissistic
-he had a good sister
-because you don't finish any books because of al gore
-because you are getting old
-it depends on when tim shores up his plan
-because you've never learned spanish
-painting is a horrible thing to do, it's not worth it
-good question

scoey-d said...

brint. brint. brint. brint.

And I said, "Whooooaaahhh....!"

RandomSue said...

brintus - thanks for dropping by and sharing your wisdom.

btw, I am sooo pumped that you are my neighbor now!! Woohoo!! Let the drinking commence!

noel said...

i was here and have some of the very same questions, especially like the first one!!

laura said...

diga- how long did that take you, seriously?
sue- you look so bad ass in that picture.

RandomSue said...

Bad Ass!! YEAH BABY!!!